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Creative Beat. Boosts team creativity.

Creative Beat

Boosts team creativity

Need to innovate your organisation?

Creative Beat workshop will help you by  

  • live experimentation & learning how to turn the failures into a creative engine

  • boosting cooperation by building trust & joint positive experience 

  • exploring how collaboration contributes to team creativity

  • boosting your creative confidence—your ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to implement them.

"A concrete experimental approach to address important issues."

- creativity workshop, Fingrid 2017

Value For You

  • Boosts innovation by encouraging your team to experiment and tackle the challenges in a creative way

  • Motivates cooperation by building trust and joint positive experience

  • Supports organisational agility by experiencing continuous change 

  • Optimises resources by developing self-leadership

What makes African drumming a powerful tool for developing creativity?
Have a look at Talking Drum approach!

Our programs are always tailored to meet your specific needs.  


Want to hear more?

We provide this workshop in different formats 

First encounter: 1-4h workshop to disrupt old thinking patterns and unleash creative potential

One-day stand: full day program for developing new skills

Serial killer of old habits: workshop series supporting renewal of the organisation

We work with groups of all sizes. There is no need to have any prior experience with music.

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