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"I loved it! And special credits for your solution-focused way to talk and lead the conversation. Best training experience this autumn." 

- training organiser, The State Treasury of Finland 

Creativity is a powerful resource to

bring your organisation forward.

Use it.



 Organisational analyses, leadership and team development, personal coaching. One package.



Leading the unknown, connecting at a new level, & encouraging to experiment.


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Open your special event with an uplifting experience.

Core workshops

Lead the Beat. Inpires leadership.

Inspires leadership

Creative Beat. Boosts team creativity.

Boosts team creativity

Feel the Beat. Builds collaboration.

Builds collaboration

We provide the core workshops in different formats 

First encounter: 1-4h workshop to disrupt old thinking patterns and unleash creative potential

One-day stand: full day program for developing new skills

Serial killer of old habits: workshop series supporting renewal of the organisation

We work with groups of all sizes. There is no need to have any prior experience with music.

Want to hear more?

Let's tailor your program!


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