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Meet The Team

Mariann Nagatsu, Talking Drum

Mariann Nagatsu

Co-founder, CEO & coach

"I have a wide-ranging experience as an advisor for top executive development and talent management. I connect current academic knowledge with the real needs of today's leaders. My passion is to adapt the social nature of African rhythm to boost innovation capacity in both, public and private sector."

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Aakusti Oksanen, Talking Drum

Aakusti Oksanen

Co-founder, COB & coach

"I am a percussion artist specialising in West African music. I have been the apprentice of and now a collaborator with the awarded master drummer Zoumana Dembele from Burkina Faso.

 I am the leader of the creative team Mande Maja Band and have 25 years of experience in working with creative collectives on the fields of music and theatre.
Through my expertise in working with creative teams I want to provide organisations and individuals new inspiring ways of thinking and leading. Openness, experimentation, supportiveness and authenticity are my guidelines. I help people to find their creative confidence and to better connect with others around them."

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We enjoy collaboration.

It's about providing the customer more value with network of widely recognized professionals. 


We add extra value for our partners by integrating Talking Drum intervention into their programs.


Interested to work with us?


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