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100% engagement. 

Our method activates every participant. 

Image by: Sara Estlander

We challenge the traditional approach to developing leaders & teams. 

We build on the hundreds of years tested social ingenuity of West African drumming culture, draw from today's leadership practices and integrate the current knowledge from social and cognitive sciences.

What makes African drumming a powerful tool for developing organisations?


African traditional drumming encourages openness and participation. It’s inherent qualities allow you to contribute and be heard. There is always a positive tension between flexibility and keeping your own rhythm in an African drumming event.


Connectedness is especially well demonstrated by the drummers who are fully present and encouraging each other. Hence, they are quick and agile in adapting to new situations while heading towards the shared goal.
A real master drummer looks for the best potential in the group motivating each to cooperate rather than compete. Creativity is allowed and welcome, and it always happens in a constructive framework serving the common good.
Today´s organisations face an increasing need to develop the same qualities in order to win in the competition or provide better public services. Talking Drum method enables you to access and experience the wisdom of African drummers. The engaging rhythmic environment makes it possible to tackle your challenges in a natural, inspiring and uplifting way.


  • djembe - popular hand-drum

  • dundun - melodic bass drum

  • other West-African percussion instruments

Renew the way you learn

New knowledge is often not enough to make the behavioural change. Fresh approaches are needed to support the learning and development in organisations and to accelerate the cultural change.

Our unique experiential learning concept provides an interactive space, where your new ideas will be tested and courage supported. Through the circle of action and reflection learning will be internalised, expressed and transferred to the work context. Your achievement grows into common groove.

You will be led by the SOUND-concept and the Dynamic Organisational Model.

The SOUND-concept


Connects leadership, team creativity and African rhythm​. Allows You to experience, achieve and share the mindset of

  • Providing Space

  • Opening the Dialogue

  • PlayfUlness

  • INspiration

  • Permanent “UnDer construction” -mode

The SOUND-concept

Dynamic Organisational Model (DOM)

Drawn from the best principles of African drumming culture and adapted to support the development of modern day organisations. The model will provide a benchmark to evaluate your leadership and team practices.   

  • Music provides playground where everyone is mentally present.
    Here the ideas are not only delivered, but actually have to reach your colleagues.


  • Breaking the comfortable moment and designing the future by experimenting with new ideas is a natural part of the musical environment. 

  • Team creativity boosts as positive attention is given not only to the persons generating ideas, but also to the ones developing them further.


Want to hear more?

We provide the workshops in different formats

First encounter: 1-4h workshop to disrupt old thinking patterns and unleash creative potential

One-day stand: full day program for developing new skills

Serial killer of old habits: workshop series supporting renewal of the organisation

We work with groups of all sizes. There is no need to have any prior experience with music.

“Talking Drum workshop that started with timid hesitancy turned into fabulous and playful team unifying spectacle.

I would definitely recommend Talking Drum to everyone, especially to the teams with modest Nordic spirit. “

- Secretary General, Ministry of Defence of Estonia


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