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Feel the Beat. Builds collaboration.

Feel the Beat

Builds collaboration

"Music is an amazing tool to create the sense of togetherness."
- Milestone, 2017

Meet your colleagues on a new ground


Bring your team together in an unforgettable way. You will experience the social ingenuity of African rhythm that builds up the common groove. 

We create a unique conversational space where rhythm replaces words, allowing a new form of communication to take place. You will experience a sound-based interaction that gives a new perspective on team functioning and supports positive team dynamics.

Traditional drumming has the positive qualities that

  • encourage openness allowing each to contribute and be heard

  • help participants to adapt to new situations 

  • increase concentration level

  • motivate to cooperate rather than compete.


"Only in this workshop the we-feeling became apparent between the teams. 
The group was united, motivated and excited, thank you!"
- Keihäspuisto nursery, 2016

Value For You

  • Opens new bases for cooperation

  • Enhances clarity in communication

  • Activates team creativity

  • Creates positive group dynamics

  • Builds synergy and trust

  • Reduces stress

  • Boosts your day

What makes African drumming a powerful tool for developing your team?
Have a look at Talking Drum approach!
Want to hear more?


We provide this workshop in different formats 

First encounter: 1-4h workshop to disrupt old thinking patterns and unleash creative potential

One-day stand: full day program for developing new skills

Serial killer of old habits: workshop series supporting renewal of the organisation

We work with groups of all sizes. There is no need to have any prior experience with music.

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