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We innovate business & society

The cutting edge way of developing leaders & teams

Talking Drum is a new training and consulting company.

Today's complex world needs new kinds of solutions and new ways of doing things. Creativity and cooperation are the core competences to make the change happen.


We help our clients to build agile collaborative ecosystems to support innovation and speed up the cultural change.


We work with leaders and teams tackling their challenges by disrupting current thinking patterns and behaviour. In our creative space for experimentation you develop your leadership and team practices on the spot. 

Our clients include organisations with over 5 000 milj. euros market value as well as the top executives of public sector. Currently, Talking Drum is part of the most comprehensive and ambitious Finnish public service top executives development programme.  

Talking Drum innovates business and society by

  • renewing organisations

  • developing leaders & teams

  • opening events

Talking Drum unique experiential learning concept combines

  • leadership development practice

  • use of rhythm that demonstrates social knowledge from distant cultures

  • social and cognitive science 

Core Workshops
Lead the Beat. Leadership development.

Develops leadership

Tune yourself to new opportunities:

  • Encourages you to experiment

  • Empowers collaborative leadership

  • Boosts your creative confidence

  • Develops self-leadership

  • Makes change happen

More about the workshop

Creative Beat. Boosts team creativity.

Boosts team creativity 

Innovate your organisation:

  • Enhances creative mindset 

  • Builds organisational agility

  • Breaks silos and motivates cooperation

  • Optimises resources

  • Speeds up cultural change 

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Feel the Beat. Builds collaboration.

Builds collaboration 

Meet your colleagues on a

new ground:

  • Opens new bases for cooperation

  • Enhances clarity in communication

  • Creates positive group dynamics

  • Activates team creativity

  • Builds synergy and trust

  • Reduces stress

  • Boosts your day

More about the workshop

"The workshop was a great success, sparking new ideas and forms of self-expression, and awareness of self and others. This will be remembered for life."


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